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A small snow elf-themed home in the Falmer Valley with room for spouse and one follower, nestled into the mountainside by the water and near a wayshrine.

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All DLCs needed (hearthfire, dragonborn, dawnguard)

Quaint Sanctum is a snow-elf themed home in the Falmer Valley. It has room for player and spouse, and one follower.

-fully navmeshed for followers
-extra key on table by the chest just to the left when you enter.
-many various containers for safe storage, some named
-'homemade wine barrel' DOES respawn! Don't put anything in it! and 'homemade wine' is just regular wine renamed lol rip but hey, snow elf's gotta do *something* for entertainment for hundreds upon hundreds of years, many stuck inside mostly.
-enchanting, alchemy, baking oven, cooking, sharpening wheel, and tanning rack
-a few weapon plaques and shield plaque, a couple invisible weapon displays-one for larger weapon over the enchanting, one dagger on the table right of bedside(opposite shrine of mara)
-double bed for you and spouse (need a follower mod of some kind/AFT or MHiYH or something)
-various ingredients and items, some respawning and some not for le immersion
-four bookshelves for... a bunch of books?
-a journal on the desk by the bookshelves to add some immersion/lore
-several shrines
-a fair amount of idles for followers
-unique 'falmer blood' if you are a vampire, a couple of them respawn(but ofc you'll have to wait like 30 in game days or whatever)
-one follower bedroll(need follower mod of some kind)
-a couple slightly unique and uniquely named snow elf armor
-chairs, because of the pelts/hides, may need to move cursor up a bit or to side to sit.
-'enchanted' chandelier beams sunlight into the main room which 'reflects' weather/lighting outside/get darker at night; indoor lighting will also greatly vary depending on what sort of lighting mod you have

-key is on the woodcutting block
-woodcutting block
-a few idles for followers just because
-pretty scenery, great views

**note, I suggest putting this after encounter mods because you may or may not have a courier appear in your bedroom? :p or just make sure to go through a town or something first, so he will have no reason to... he'll hang around a while if he does show up because the house is just too
good a place to leave. Guy's gotta have a break sometimes. (this is second mod to have this... strange thing, but I still don't know why)

also, I changed a couple things after I took screens, but they were minor(like the mapmarker icon) but I didn't want to go back in game to take another pic just cause of that. It's still there. XD )

there are no hearthfire planters or beds for kids, no smelter, no staff enchanter, no anvil, no workbench, no spider-making machine, no mannequin.

Thanks for your interest ^-^ I hope you enjoy it if you decide to download.

some of the mods/textures which I have downloaded that ya can see in screenshots....
majestic mountains
skyrim 3d plants
skyland landscape textures
high poly project
skyrim 3d furniture
fluffy snow
enhanced vanilla trees
and other lovely mods from talented modders on the nexus :)