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Call Follower is a simple mod that adds War Horns to general stores and loot containers around the world. Blowing the horn calls your current follower to you, even if they have been told to wait somewhere else. Includes an MCM that allows you to select whether your human or animal follower responds to the call, or both.

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Press H to Horn: If you have SKSE installed, you can use the H key to blow the horn if you have one in your inventory. This key is remappable via MCM. If you do not have SKSE installed, click on the horn in your inventory to blow it.

Press H for Horse: This mod also includes the option to call for your horse when blowing the horn. By default this option is disabled, but you can enable it easily via MCM. Note: your horse won't respond if you blow the horn in other provinces, planes of Oblivion, or in interiors.

Draw the Attention of Enemies: Blowing the horn will also draw the attention of your enemies. Use it to lure enemies toward you or to keep enemies off softer and squishier friendly NPCs.

An MCM is included that allows you to toggle all features added by this mod.

See the Readme File for more information.


For the MCM you will need SKSE and SkyUI. To be able to use the Hotkey you will need SKSE. Without it, you can still blow horns by clicking on them in your inventory.

A VR / VRIK Compatible version is now available.


Q. What patch level is required?
A. None.

Q. Do I need Dawnguard, Hearthfire or Dragonborn or additional plugins like SKSE?
A. SKSE and SkyUI will be required if you want to toggle which types of followers the horn calls via MCM or use a hotkey to blow the horn, however this mod will function perfectly fine without it.

Q. Is this ESL flagged?
A. Not yet.

Q. What version of the Creation Kit was this made with?
A. 1.6.438.0. It's compatible with both Special Edition and Anniversary Edition.

Q. Is this safe to add/remove mid-game?
A. Yes, though you should probably use a save cleaner to remove left-over script files if you remove this mid-game.

Q. Is this mod stable? / compatible with ### / affect performance?
A. Call Follower makes zero changes to any vanilla records, so the chance of seeing some sort of compatibility issue is as low as possible. War Horns are added to the LItemMiscVendorMisc75 leveled list by script upon initialization. Please note that this mod was designed for the default follower system and may not work correctly with follower overhauls and frameworks.

Q. Will this call my followers if they are stuck or missing?
A. If you're more than a cell away, your follower is moved to the nearest Door Marker the game can find, as long as you're both not in an interior cell. If you lose your companion inside a big dungeon, try blowing the horn once you get outside. Note: you only need to blow the horn once. If you can't blow the horn again, it's likely that your follower is already on their way to you.

Q. I blew the horn but my follower isn't showing up.
A. Sometimes it might take them a while to reach you. Try waiting an hour.

Q. Why do I go into third-person or sheathe my weapon when I blow the horn?
A. Being in first person or having your weapon out prevents the horn animation from happening.

Q. I clicked on the War Horn in the inventory, but it says 'You cannot equip this item'...
A. Just ignore that message or use the hotkey instead if you have SKSE installed.


This was developed for the default follower system.