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My first dagger mod, be gentle to this young supple mod creator. Now in a smattering of different colours and, a separate Blade Of Woe replacer.

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This is a dagger I modelled a while back, I wanted to create a weapon for my character. this is the first mod I've created so hopefully, I didn't make any serious mistakes. The only experience I have with creating mods is when I did a few projects for noptasis, some retextures and things like that, I didn't even know nifskope at the time. Speaking of noptasis he's a cool dude and you should all download his updated Arcanum mod with its new conjuration spells if you haven't.

anyways enough rambling.

New blade of woe replacer, has a separate texture path so that it won't overwrite the main dagger and whichever colour glow you chose.

Under miscellaneous in the downloads tab, there are 3 files to lower the glow intensity, even one for no glow.
And now additional files for red, white, yellow, PINK! or blue glow, download which version you want and let it override the main file.

you'll notice a second dagger in the file, I believe its called FPCAOdagger, that version was made specifically because I've been using First Person Combat Animations Overhaul since its release. the original dagger was upside down with those animations so I flipped and moved it a little, it's still not perfect but it will have to do with my potato brain.

the dagger is craftable behind the daedric smithing perk

1 steel ingot 
1 leather
1 daedra heart
1 steel dagger

The FPCAO version is also craftable as well, it only needs the original Serpent Dagger.

If your lazy like me you, can just use (AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer) to get the dagger as well.