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Have you ever played Skyrim and thought, "This game is boring, I wish completely random and unfair things would happen to me to spice things up a bit?" Well, regardless, here is a mod that will make your next Skyrim playthrough a little less...predictable.

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´╗┐Chaos Edition is a mod inspired by "Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition." Simply put, at random intervals, the game will trigger one of twelve effects, which can be either harmful or beneficial to the player (but usually the former). Some effects also have variations, so even if you trigger the same effect twice you might get different results. The effects have been designed to try to be funny but largely avoid directly screwing the player over, though if that is what you want there are options for that. Speaking of options, this mod is fully configurable!


Chaos Edition will technically work out-of-the-box without any of the requirements, but unless your savvy with the console and reading the script files (in which case, why aren't you using these?), the mod will not do anything.

1. SKSE (any version should work, but you should always be on the latest version when possible)
2. SkyUI

Once these are installed, simply install with a mod manager or drop the files in your Data folder. To start the mod, click "Mod Enabled" in the Chaos Edition Mod Configuration Menu (MCM).


First, untick "Mod Enabled" in the MCM. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Save, then remove the files from the mod. Load the game again, wait three days in an interior, and save. For safety, clean your save afterwards. Note that not everything from Chaos Edition will be reversed when you uninstall the mod.


Chaos Edition comes with an MCM menu, allowing you to fully configure the mod to your liking. Don't like an effect? Lower its weight to zero. Want an effect to occur more often? Increase its weight!

Mod Enabled: Allows effects to run. Disable to either uninstall the mod or pause effects temporarily.
Preset: Changes ALL SETTINGS (except Interval) to a recommended preset of options
  • ALL OFF: Use this if you want to customize the mod from the ground up. This disables all effects and puts all options for each effect at its most mundane setting.
  • Casual: If you want to do a serious playthrough with this mod, this preset has very light settings, with a minimal chance of breaking any quests or your save permanently.
  • Recommended: This preset lets you experience most of the effects without being too obnoxious.
  • Chaotic: This puts all effects on, at nearly max settings. Good luck!
Interval: The script that polls an effect occurs in intervals, the length of which is determined by this setting in seconds. The default 30 is recommended, but you can reduce it to make effects occur more often (due to script lag, this is a bad idea, especially with more script-heavy mods installed). I don't recommend increasing it either unless you are experiencing script lag at the default value.
Chaos Chance: When the interval is hit, this is the chance that an effect will occur.
Disable in Menus: Effects will always fail while in dialogue or while crafting.
Autosave Before Effects: I highly recommend turning this on. This requests an autosave right before an effect occurs. Effects cannot occur within a few seconds of loading a save, so if something happens that screws up your save file, you can load the autosave to prevent the effect from happening. Regardless of this setting, do make manual saves frequently, just in case.


First of all, you should know that effects are determined based on weight. If an effect has zero weight, it will never occur. Beyond that, however, the chance that any effect occurs is based on its weight relative to other effects. If you have only three effects enabled, and they all have a weight of 50, then those three effects have an equal chance to occur. Thus, each enabled effect in this case has a 33% chance, not a 50% chance. If one effect has double the weight of another, it will have double the chance.

  • Launch: Launches either the player, NPCs, or everyone into the stratosphere. Don't worry, fall damage is disabled (usually).
  • Summon: Spawns creatures near the player. You even have the option to spawn multiple of each creature!
  • Paralyze: Either briefly knocks the player down, or puts everyone around the player out of commission for a minute.
  • Transform: Turns the player either into a Werewolf or a Vampire Lord. This effect will only occur if you are a vanilla race by default; however you can add modded races to it with a button.
  • Bounty: Briefly gives the player a massive (practically unpayable) bounty in all holds. If you see the guards starting to chase you, run. If they catch you, I recommend going to jail. The bounty will remove itself after some time.
  • Stat Modifier: Either gives the player infinite Stamina or Magicka, or drains a significant portion of each for a while.
  • NPC Aggression: Either calms, terrifies, or frenzies all NPCs in the area.
  • Dungeon Restart: Sends you back to the beginning of the dungeon.
  • Quizzes: Presents the player with a message box with a simple question about Skyrim. Answer correctly, or die.
  • Scale: Makes a random NPC in the area change size.
  • Trance: Greatly increases the speed of the day-night cycle.
  • Weather: Changes the weather to a random one.