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Random Mining: 3 to 9 ore per vein
Lazy Man: Ore all at once
Hard Worker: Skill determines quantity and duration

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Random Mining
by IsharaMeradin

Now includes fully functioning MCM version for SSE

Three versions in two flavors each, all of which are Hearthfire friendly and safe to use with any DLC combination. Also carries over USSEP corrections. 

The Flavors
No Skill
  • Does not give any skill points. Only gives ore.
Skill Gain 
  • Gives 1 point Alteration skill per ore if a valid magic projectile is used (Example: Extract Ore spell from Mining For Mages)
  • Gives 1 point Smithing skill per ore if a valid tool is used (Example: Pickaxe)

The Versions
  1. Default -- Normal mining except that you'll randomly receive between 3 and 9 ore.
  2. Lazy Man -- Only takes 3 attack hits or one set of 3 animation swings via activation to net the randomly decided amount of ore.
  3. Hard Worker -- Alteration skill or Smithing skill determines the ore received as well as how strikes are necessary to obtain the ore. The skill used is determined by "tool" used.

The Details
All versions strive for fairness between attacking the ore vein and activating the ore vein. To that end since the animation sequence for one "strike" consists of three swings all manual attack "strikes" are required to consist of three hits.
While this script is used for a variety of "mines", only those whose default ResourceCountTotal is equal to 3 will actually benefit from this script.  That means that quarry stone and clay pits from Hearthfires are immune as well as the small gem geodes from Dragonborn.

Hard Worker Skill vs Ore breakdown
Skill level -- Ore gained
91 & up ---- 7 to 9 ore
76 to 90 --- 5 to 9 ore
51 to 75 --- 3 to 7 ore
26 to 50 --- 3 to 5 ore
25 & less -- 3 ore

Hard Worker Skill vs Strikes breakdown
Skill level -- Strikes needed
91 & up ---- 1 to 2 strikes
76 to 90 --- 2 to 3 strikes
51 to 75 --- 3 to 4 strikes
26 to 50 --- 4 to 5 strikes
25 & less -- 5 strikes

Nexus Mod Manager, Mod Organizer, or Manual

Same method as installation.

Files and Folders
Data > Scripts > MineOreScript.pex
Data > Source > Source - Random Mining > MineOreScript.psc

Any mod that affects the MineOreScript file, tho it may be possible to make such conflicts compatible.

This is to be considered a modder's resource tho it will work if placed directly in the game.
Please give credit when using this in your own work.