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Why hack and slash your way up the perk tree when you could simply just read about it? Supports Vanilla, Dawnguard, Ordinator, Sacrosanct, and Moonlight Tales

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Have you ever wanted to craft some armor without having to make a couple hundred iron daggers to understand the nuances of Daedric Smithing?
As a student of magic, doesn't it make more sense to study conjuration, rather than hold a glowing sword for a while near people who disagree with you?
Wouldn't a good alchemist benefit from learning about alchemical reactions, rather than just making potions out of what they find on the ground?
How does crawling around behind a man deep in prayer improve your ability to sneak, especially when you get right behind him and hit him with daggers?

If you've thought these thoughts, or thoughts like them, this might just be the mod for you. It adds Perk Tomes to the game, which you can read like spell tomes to unlock perks. As of version 2.0, they can either be bought from traveling Khajit merchants or Urag gro-Shub, and they can be found as leveled loot in dungeons or on enemies where you might find spell tomes.

Read the changelog for more detailed information

Current supported version of Ordinator: 8.30SSE
Current supported version of Sacrosanct: 2.03SSE
Current supported version of Moonlight Tales: 1.35