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This is a custom main menu replacer for use with Lexy's LOTD Skyrim SE Modding guide.

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You just spent days of manually installing Lexy's Legacy of the Dragonborn mod guide ( When you load up the game, you should be greeted by more than just the Skyrim logo. This replacer adds custom meshes and textures to customize the main menu screen for the guide. It also adds a custom credit roll. If you aren't using Lexy's guide, you probably won't be interested in this replacer. If you are using Lexy's, you may still not be interested in it which is fine too. Mostly, this mod now exists because I wanted some initial practice with modelling, texturing, and creating game assets since I had never done of this before. Nothing fancy, but now you can enjoy the fruits of my labor.


Install like any other mod using your favorite mod manager (Mod Organizer 2 if you are following Lexy's guide).
If you want this main menu replacer in your game, it should load below any other main menu replacer.
There is no plugin to worry about, just assets

Thanks go out to:

DarkLadyLexy for her guide, her Discord (and thanks to all the members!), and for teaching me most of what I know about Skyrim modding
Brumbek for open permissions to use assets from their spinning Skyrim emblem
Icecreamassassin for creating LotD and for permission to use the name "Legacy of the Dragonborn" in this meshes for the mod
Winedave for setting me on the 3D modelling path though I have a long ways to go
The Nifskope team and their friendly Discord community