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This is quite a simple mod that adds two additional Khajiit races to the chargen menu, the Cathay-Raht and the Suthay.

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Please note, this mod is extremely rudimentary at the moment - the only thing is actually does is duplicate the vanilla Khajiit race and scales them down or up, respectively. This was made as a workaround to an issue that our RP guild has ran in to with Skyrim Together. Player scale seems to be unable to sync across players while online, so this was created to allow our players the flexibility to select a larger or smaller variant of Khajiit. This mod could potentially expand to be a more comprehensive look at the Khajiit forms, but for now it is simply a workaround for a problem that people playing singleplayer Skyrim will not encounter. 

This was reverse-engineered from this mod by Tenmujin, whom states that the files included are free to be used without permission. If for any reason this is an unacceptable use of these files, please contact me here on Nexus and I will make any changes or removals deemed necessary. Thanks!