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i dont know about yall, but after 2020, and with the way 2021 is already going, realism is the last thing i want in video games. so heres a retexture mod thatll hopefully make the game one thing real life isnt, fun! at least to look at.

its free, its cute, its got less than 12 colors, what a bargain amirite?

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 so im sure some of you are wondering "what kind of name is pastel fettuccine for textures" bc to be fair it is a lil weird, isnt it? 
but its simple, really

p - pretty
a - awful
s - silly
t - textures
e - eagerly
l - left

f - for
e - everyone
t - that
t - thinks
u - unbearable
c - cuteness
c - cant
i - interrupt
n - normal
e - enjoyment

pastel fettuccine is a retexture mod that aims to make the world of skyrim cute and colorful, cause cute n colorful things are great and make me happy so maybe theyll make you happy too and we sure need some happiness in the world right now. 

its even lore friendly! just imagine its paint or the byproduct of a spell gone wrong or it could even be because of a dragon break!

it currently covers solitude, as well as some plants and clutter that can be found within solitude.

it also now covers riften, the ratway (ngl i kinda gave up on doing it well bc its like awful. half the walls are floors, half the ceilings are dirt piles, bethesda pls), as well as some clutter, plants, landscape and trees in the riften area

and now farmhouses! and roads! plus lots of plants n a tree and the worlds favorite friend, chicken! oh right, also ore and ingots 

now covers the college of winterhold n mountains AND fort dawnguard, and comes with a (very wip) plugin that removes the dynamic snow and some ice n stuff from mountains and buildings so they look as intended

i hope you enjoy it!

oh right combability stuff: it will conflict with other textures and mesh replacers, because obviously it will lol. some vanilla meshes are and may be included to preserve my intended textures. 


9.5/10 "like getting punched in the ocular nerve with the essence of uwu" - malthanis