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Original for Oldrim: go endorse the original if you like this, it is an awesome mod!

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This Mod Adds two new spells to the world of Skyrim: Demon Form and Demon Skin.

The spells and their effects are listed below:
Demon Form:

-You Transform in to a Demon for a 5 min duration, giving the player a complete re-skin.
-Your weapons and spells will be unequipped for the duration.
-You will be unable to bring up your UI during the effect (same as with werewolf transform)
-The player will be equipped with a new Bound BattleAxe which is a Voice equip spell, and two Destruction spells for your left hand and right hand.
-During the effect, all NPCs become hostile.
-During the effect, the player doesn’t stack Bounty for his Crimes.
-You will Grow..
-You will take less damage proportional to your missing Health.
-Your Voice Equip spell conjures a Demon BattleAxe.
- Attacks with the BattleAxe are scripted to deal a portion of the damage as a percentage of the Target's base Health. This portion will be returned to the player as Health and Stamina. (sort of a life-steal, but cooler)
- Attacks with the BattleAxe are sweeping attacks.
-Equipping the BattleAxe will grant the player a new Voice spell. When used, the player gets an attack speed and movement speed boost for 5 seconds. Additionally all surrounding enemies will be feared and damaged. Triggering this effect will Cost the Player 20% Health!
-Your Right hand spell fires a flame projectile; On impact the projectile explodes dealing considerable damage in a small radius. Targets will be knocked back. A portion of the damage is a percentage of the Target's base Health (so it can scale with level). Casting the spell will cost 20% health!
-Casting the right hand spell will release a stream of fire in front of the player. Targets hit by the flame are slowed and damaged. Standing in the flames left on the scourged earth will Cauterize your wounds.
-Fire Damage Done is increased proportionally with your missing health. ( under 20% you do 3x more fire damage)
Demon Skin:
-This spell is intended to be a great addition and option to any Fire Mage.
-On cast, the spell will transform you into a demon for the 2 min duration.
-You will keep your current size.
-A fire cloak effect will be placed around the player, damaging surrounding hostile targets
-The player will be able to use any spell or weapon from his inventory
-You will take 20% damage from all sources.
-Fire Damage Done is increased proportionally with your missing health. ( under 20% you do 3x more fire damage) -> you can do loads of damage when low on HP if you can risk fighting while vulnerable.

You can find the spell outside Whiterun near the Khajiit camp inside a chest.