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Give anybody a new hairstyle. This is a simple mod which allows you to cast a spell that gives any actor of a default (humanoid) race a different hairstyle. It also works of course on modded companions and followers etc.. It's even an easy way to give your player character a new hairstyle without the need of the facegen of the race menu.

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Give Anybody a New Hairstyle

By Lycanthrops
Port by Lordjoseph7
Permission for the port was guaranteed by Lycanthrops

This mod is dedicated to Emma and Vilja. Special thanks go in the same context to Amgepo and CDCooley.


This mod requires the mod ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full by Apachii


This is a simple mod which allows you to cast a spell that gives any actor of a default race a different hairstyle. It also works of course
with modded NPCs like your companions and followers etc. and with the player (without need for the race menu).

Now in version 1.4 there is a choice of 35 different hairstyles. Each hairstyle has an option of at least 5 hair colors (black, blonde, brown, red and white).
In total there are 176 hair objects to select.

This mod does not add new hairstyles. It uses the hairstyles of the Apachii mods ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_5_Full, ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_3
and ApachiiSkyHairMale_v_1_1, the Newsea hairstyle J117 Moonrise and the Nuska hairstyles Dagi02, the long straight Mohawk and the male Dagi01 hairstyle. A lot of thanks to Apachii and Newsea for permission to use the meshes and textures.

Version 1.4 contains both non-lore-style and lore-style haircuts.

For all of you who are playing with Vilja and can't figure out why she reverts back to her default hair indoors... make sure that her manners are set to wear headgear at all times. The hair is a wig and is considered headgear. 

How does this mod work?

As soon as the mod is installed for the first time the player character gets two spells:

1. Change Hairstyle
This spell, targeted on an NPC actor of the default races, will change the hairstyle of the target.

2. Change Hairstyle Self
This spell changes the hairstyle of the player character.

After you have cast the spell a menu with the hairstyles opens. You will now see a non-colored model of each specific hairstyle.
To have a better look you can turn this model around with the left mouse button and zoom in by scrolling with the mouse-wheel.

The names of the hairstyles are sorted for an easier selection by: 

F/M - for female or male (the sex the hairstyle is primarily intended to fit to)

Braids/Long/LongX/Medium/Short/Ponytail/PonytailXL - for the general type of hair

ApachiiSkyHairFull/ApachiiskyHairFemale H(uman)/ApachiiSkyhairMale/Vanilla - for the source from which the meshes and textures derive from

15 (for example) - for the number of the hairstyle in its respective mod.

f/m - for the compatibility of the model with the female or male head. All the hairstyles are fitting the female head. But only the hairstyles
with an - m - are also fitting the male head. Other hairstyles are causing clipping.

black/blonde/brown/red - for the available hair colors

And that's the procedure

Give an NPC a new hairstyle

- Choose the Change Hairstyle spell from the Alteration section in the magicka menu (key P)

- Prepare the spell, aim and cast the Change Hairstyle Spell at the target you want to change the hairstyle.

- The hairstyle menu will open. Click on your desired hairstyle. (It will then vanish from the list)

- Press the TAB key to exit the menu and your target will equip the chosen hairstyle

How to remove the hairstyle and reset to default

- Cast the Change Hairstyle Spell at the target you had changed the hairstyle.

- Choose the Original Hairstyle

- With closing the menu the spell target will be set back to the original hairstyle or headgear.

Give your PC a new hairstyle

- Choose the Change Hairstyle Self spell from the Alteration section of the magicka menu

- Prepare the spell and cast it

- The hairstyle menu will open. Click on your desired hairstyle. (It will then vanish from the list)

- Press the TAB key to exit the menu and your PC will equip the chosen hairstyle

- Remove the hairstyle back and change to your previous hairstyle with casting the spell again and and selecting the Original Hairstyle.

The hairstyles have the armor rating of a Hide Helmet, so they offer a certain protection. They can be sold and they can be dropped.


- The spells in version 1.4 won't work on Argonians, Khajiits, children, creatures like Draugr, trolls, chicken, cows and dragons and so on...

- As long as the NPCs are wearing the hairstyles they won't equip helmets. 

- If complete outfits with hoods use the Hair and Long Hair slot, the whole outfit will be unequipped and the actor will be naked.

- The hair colors can't be changed with hair tints. For each hair color there has to be a model with a fixed hairtint.

- This mod can't use the hairstyles directly from other mods. The models must be converted. This explains the large file size of the download.

- I can't prevent the hairstyles from being removed in certain rare circumstances. Usually they remain equipped also with cell changes and 


This mod won't screw up anything as all the changes can be undone. It was tested with Vilja, Cerwiden and the vanilla housecarls etc.
The mod is clean. 

Information for modders

For mod identification purpose I have put a Wolf Pelt into the HelpManualXBox formlist. For mod interaction all the hairstyles have the keyword - LocTypeShip -. 


The easiest and most reliable way is to install manually. Unzip your download with 7zip or WinRAR etc.. Then drop the - Data - folder in your C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonSkyrim folder and let it merge. Make sure that it is activated in the Skyrim Launcher.


The easiest way to uninstall the mod is to install it again. Immediately afterwards right-click somewhere on the desktop and choose - Undo copying -.
Or just delete the files LycHairstyler.esp and LycHairstyler.bsa in the C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonSkyrimData folder.


This mod can of course be extended with other hairstyles from Apachii's mods or hairstyles from other mods.
Regarding this I will try to react on requests provided I get the permission of the authors. 
All I need is the name and the URL of the mod, the name or number of the hairstyle and of course your preferred hair color.
Please understand that I can't answer on every request. I'll work especially on the hairstyles which are requested more than once.
This mod has already a rather large file size, so I can't add too many hairstyles. 


Many thanks to

- Apachii, who let me use the textures and meshes for conversion
- the creators of the original hairstyle models (all of them listed in Apachii's mod)
- Bethesda for this beautiful and brilliant game called Skyrim the Creation Kit, the most creative and entertaining "game" available on Steam
- Emma, for her huge support, hosting this mod on her website, testing and splendid ideas
- Amgepo for testing and valuable hints
- Croc for in depth testing and feedback
- ManleySteele for in depth testing and feedback

Freeware used

Special thanks to the developers of these excellent freeware programs:
- NifSkope
- The Gimp 2.8
- Notepad++

Port Information:

This is based on the original oldrim mod The Hairstyler v 1_4 Full Version.

What changed? 

-BSA changed to Skyrim SE new format

-ESP saved in Skyrim SE CK

-Meshes have been converted to Skyrim SE format

Everything else is kept exactly the same according to the original author wishes. 


Many thanks to

- Apachii and Newsea.
see also Newsea's Sims 3 page