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Cloaks of Skyrim Patches for AI Overhaul, Morrowloot Ultimate, Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul with an optional incorporation of CCOR features to the relevant patch.
Another option is to remove enchanted cloaks from leveled lists, for those who deem them too strong.
FOMOD Installation.

Permissions and credits
This patch will resolve conflicts between Cloaks of Skyrim and any combination of AI Overhaul, MLU, SRCEO, and CCOR.
Additionally, you can choose to remove enchanted cloaks; if you've played with Cloaks of Skyrim you must have noticed cloaks with 12% or so magic resistance, which may be very overpowered if you love difficulty and also discourage you from using the non-enchanted cloaks.

As I said, you can select any combination. The only exception is that you cannot install a Cloaks - CCOR patch without selecting at least one of either No Enchanted Cloaks, MLU or SRCEO. You can find a Cloaks - CCOR patch here: Kryptopyr's Patch Hub
additionally, if you selected MLU, SRCEO, or No Enchanted Cloaks AND CCOR, you will need the Cloaks - CCOR patch that I linked above.

The patch is a FOMOD installation so it should be very simple and intuitive to install. The result will be 1 or 2 esps. All of the selected patches except AI Overhaul will be combined into one esl file. The AI Overhaul patch is a separate esl file.

If there are any problems please report them to me. Note that if you install it on an existing save, you may still, for example, see enchanted cloaks on enemies even thought you've picked the no enchanted cloaks patch. This is a temporary issue and the enemies will be reset later.