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Music mod that adds over 3 hours of norse/''viking'' battle music to Skyrim.

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Check out the full mix here:

Or get a taste of some of the individual songs here:

Recommended mods are Vaultman's Armor Extended, Runic Skyrim, COTN Morthal, COTN Dawnstar, Wildcat, Nordic Runestones, Skyrim Nordic Pantheon and Wooden Shrines.

This is a simple music playlist that I've played with in Skyrim for a long time and I now decided to share it. It's packed into a BSA and there's also a replacer version. 

This mod is compatible with absolutely everything except combat music mods. But if you want it to be compatible with other music mods that add or replace combat music then simply delete that mod's combat music folder (should be named ''Combat''/''Combat - All''/''Combat - Dragon''/''Combat - Civil War'') under data/music and replace it with this.

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Chapter II - Music mod that adds over 1 hour of exploration music to Skyrim using Jeremy Soule's composing techniques. 


Danheim (Angrboda, Atgeir, Berserkir, Blodfest, Blotjarl, Fella, Framganga, Glitnir, Gripir, Gungnir, Hefna, Hausarunir, Holmgang, Hrungnir, Munarvagr, Surt, Tyr, Vaftrudner, Vega, Runar)

Munknörr (Dagaz, Thurisaz, Uruz)

Heldom (Blodfest, Myrkr)

Runfell (Aelles Fate)

Sowulo (Brego In Breoste, Wulfwiga)

Name: Sowulo
Genre : Atmospheric Dark Folk
Country : Netherlands Released : Sowulo MANN - Wulfwiga & Brego in Breoste - August 1, 2019
Bandcamp : https://sowulo.bandcamp.comSpotify :
YouTube : : :

Pawl D Beats (Berserker, Ivar The Boneless, Viking March, War Drums, The Great Heathen Army, Skeggold)

Proof of credit given by the different music producers can be found under the ''images'' tab.