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Add Snow People throughout Skyrim to smile at and to get gifts and perks

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  • Spanish
Magic Snow People have appeared all over Skyrim.

They don't move, they don't do any harm, in fact, they don't do anything at all - after all, they are made of snow.
There are simply there for you to stumble upon and to brighten up your adventure with a smile.

If you smile at them, they will give you a little gift once per day:
  • Sometimes it's a little something to eat, but sometimes it's something special, always suitable for your level
  • Snow Man may give you a weapon, armor or a scroll
  • Snow Woman may give you potions or rare ingredients
  • Snow Kid may have some gems or jewelry for you
  • Also, your smile will make you so happy and energized that your experience will grow 25% faster for the next 6 hours

But heed a word of warning: Don't harm them or try to destroy them. They don't take it lightly at all ...

You may find Snow People all over Skyrim, 80 of them, scattered in the snowy regions, sometimes in the wilderness, sometimes along the path or close to an encounter where they may be of help.

Enjoy. And smile :-)

  • ESL-flagged to not take up any ESP-Slot.
  • They come with their own texture set so they are independent of what you may have installed.
  • Remove only if the Happy Smile perk is not currently active on the player. Also cleaning the save afterwards is recommended.
  • May conflict with other mods which also edit the worldspace in exactly the same spots. At worst, the Snow People and other mods' objects might be placed inside of each other. In this case feel free to develop patches and let me know so I can add them here - there is simply no way for me the check all possible mods on Nexus.