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Modlist Arranger

Modlist Arranger is a simple, universally-designed organizational tool to create lists of categorized mods and display their details in a concise manner, with a host of quality of life features. It is NOT a mod manager, and it will NOT install or download mods for you. It is simply a utility to create and save modlists.

If you're the type of person that likes to document the mods you use or want to keep an eye on, this might something you'd like.


I've displayed some of the features in the screenshots, but if you'd like more detail, most of the important features will be listed below.

-Create modlists split into custom, nameable and renameable categories, with no limit and for any game.
-Save and load modlists freely as .malist files.
-Automatically parse Nexus mod URL links inserted into it, getting their name, description, and game to add to the modlist with a single URL copy-paste.
-Manual addition of non-Nexus mod insertion support.
-Edit any mod's description at any time
-Collapse/expand each category to hide/show its mods by double clicking a category label
-Click the name of any mod to automatically open its linked URL in a browser
-Options to open all links in a single category or in the entire modlist in a browser
-2 separate views for mods: the default view and the more concise list view
-Filter bar to search for specific mods in the list based on name.
-Removal options for single mods, selected mods, all mods in a category, or all mods in the modlist (leaving the categories empty)
-Separately numbered indices for mods in each of your categories, with fully.
-A tally for the total number of mods in the list.
-An optional modlist file you can load up with empty categories that I personally use.

Installation & Quick Start:

1) Extract the zip file anywhere, and keep the extracted files together
2) Run the program
3) You should see a new modlist with the "Mods" category placed in it. You may rename this category to whatever you want or add new categories with right click.
4) Input a Nexus URL into the bar on top and click 'Add to End' to add that mod to the end of the list, or right click to insert a Nexus or non-Nexus mod URL at a specific place, or add a new category.
5) Click the button at the top left, the one directly left of the "Add to End" button, to switch between default and list view
5) Go nuts


Right Click: Open a contextual drop-down menu with a wide variety of options to perform
Ctrl+A: Select all mods (not categories) in the modlist
Up and Down Arrow Keys: Move any selected mod(s) or mod category up or down.
Ctrl+S, Ctrl+O, Ctrl+Shift+S: Perform the Save, Open, and Save As commands, respectively.
That's about it

Tips and Advanced:

- NOTE: I advise you not to rely on saving your modlist by being prompted to when closing the app: if ANYTHING goes wrong within the program (unlikely, but possible), the save-on-quit command won't work any more for that session. Normal saving should still function normally.
- Click on any mod's name to open its connected URL in your default browser
- Click the index number of a mod to select it, and shift click after to select multiple in a row
- Click and hold an index number and drag it up or down to move any number of selected mods within a category. Mods can NOT be moved into other categories this way (was too lazy to figure that out)
- Use the arrow keys or the arrow buttons at the bottom to move selected categories or mods up or down. Mods CAN be moved into other categories this way. (Example: 4 mods selected together will all move out of the bottom of a category into the top of the next category at the same time)
- Double click to collapse categories (collapsed categories have a white indicator on the left). Double click collapsed categories to expand them, and vice versa.
- Click a mod's description to start editing it.
- Enter text into the Filter bar to show only mods with that text in their names
- Open the Edit Menu on the top left to open all mod links in the modlist, or to enable or disable whether all categories start collapsed (hidden) when loading a pre-existing modlist or not.
- Familiarize yourself with the right-click menu options
- When inserting a custom mod, only the URL and name entries are required, the other two you can leave blank
- The total modcount at the bottom right counts all the mods in the modlist, but only when any key or mouse button is pressed. If the count looks wrong in some way, try pressing a key or clicking into the window to update it.
- You can drag and drop .malist files onto the program to load that modlist quickly

For Programmers/Modders:
If enough people want this program made open-source, I can create a github for it and you can edit it as you please. But if not, that's just too much extra work.