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This is a follower mod I made for myself which adds my PC Ales the wood elf to the game as a follower.

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This is a follower mod I made for myself which adds my PC Ales the wood elf to the game as a follower.

This is my first ever follower mod and I have only tested it on my game with mods installed THAT I USED TO MAKE HER.

She is standalone and has all the face and body meshes and textures as loose files.

She used the CBBE 3BBB body types with custom preset bodysliders.

I use an ENB and reshade so screenshots may not reflect exact look on your game if using a different one or none at all.

In theory it should work as a standalone but I have not tested it on a game without the mods she uses for meshes and textures and bodyslide presets.

However being standalone if you do not have clothes armor built to her bodyslide preset when she equips armor they may not fit to her body properly as with

anything built to a different body type. Her body is built to my slider preset v1.1 follow its

requirements if you want to build meshes for body clothing for all skyrim npcs and outfits.

Voice: Female Sultry  Weight: 19  Height: 1.03 (She is as tall as a nord)

Can be Married.

WHERE TO FIND HER: She is in the temple of Kynareth in Whiterun.

She might be naked when you find her as I did not put a default outfit on her but she does have novice college robes of restoration, a magicka circlet and a pair

of boots in her inventory.

Class, Stats, Spells and Perks: 

IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO USE::: Nether's Follower Framework found here:

With NFF you can change much about her stats skills and class if you want to make her say a dual wielding axe type or archer etc. instead of a mage.

Also recommend Relationship Dialogue Overhaul:

This mod adds more voice comments and saying for a more immersive experience with all followers.

This follower was made as a healer / mage type in mind and to not be Over Powered. If you use the above follower framework you can assign her role as a Healer in the MCM as she is intended to be one.

She has a few basic spells:  Candlelight, Flames, Healing, Oakflesh, Lesser Ward.  If you use the above follower framework you can teach her spells from books as she levels up and gains more magicka. 

Her class is a custom one which has low health and stamina with a focus on growing Magicka overtime.  She will also gain some twohanded skill at a very slow rate as I wanted her to be able to use quarterstaffs from the Immersive weapons mod.  

Stats weights from class: Health 1, Magicka 4, Stamina 1

skills she will gain over time rate: Restoration 3, Alteration 3, Destruction 2, Conjuration 1, Twohanded 1.

She comes with a few basic mage perks:  Regeneration, Stability, Augmented flames 1, Mage armor 1, Recovery 1.

If you want to change her class you can use the above mentioned follower framework to Change her class (or use setclass in console) her stats and skills. You cannot change her perks however without using the CK and if you do her face will probably break without remerging the .nif file. (Requires Nifoptimizer to convert to Skyrim LE then nif merging with the original .nif which is not included but you might be able to do so by backing up the .nif file included and using it as the source. (Don't attempted if you don't know what you're doing.)


If you would like to add tattoos war paint etc (As seen from my bodyslider preset screenshots). I suggest googling for the manipulator mod (possibly NSFW) or a mod that lets you open limited parts of the Racemenu on an NPC. You can add such things there as well as change height or CBBE body sliders etc. 


I've only tested on MO2 can just install normally from the zip file

For other mod managers I've never used them should work but if not file tree is alesmod folder > textures, meshes, and ,esp > actors > character > etc.

you can always extract and repack with 7zip or winrar if the file tree throws it off. but basically as always textures, meshes esp should be put into the data folder.

Manual install: 

Copy the files from inside the alesmagefollower folder (textures, meshes and the esp file) and paste them INTO the data folder in skyrim special edition. 


Remove with your mod manager.

If manual install deletes all files associated with the mod (can redownload or check included folders and files to find the ones you need to delete, make sure you do not delete folders and files of other mods)

If for some reason she doesn't look right try install these mods along side only thing I can suggest. I have not tested her on a skyrm without them though she should be standalone.


Calientes Bodies:


SG Renewal:

KS Hairdos:

The Eyes of Beauty:

Ethereal Elven Overhaul:



ALES CBBE 3BBB Bodyslide Preset:

And all of their requirements.