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Adds a * (and nothing else) to both ends of any map marker whose dungeon is used for a non-radiant quest. This allows you to avoid the location until on the appropriate quest, without spoiling anything else in the process. Example: *Black-Briar Lodge*

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What does it do:

Adds a * to each end of the map marker outside every dungeon that is involved in a non-radiant quest. (EX: *Black-Briar Lodge*). This only applies to dungeons where the quest begins away from the actual dungeon. Dungeons that include quests started inside itself or immediately outside of itself have been left alone. No other information is given nor other changes made except for the ** on the map marker.

Why does this exist:

I like to mix questing with random exploration, but I hate clearing the same dungeon twice in one playthrough and quests often bug if their location was cleared in advance. Since I do not remember off the top of my head which dungeons are involved in quests, I wanted a mod that tells me. I tried dungeon quest awareness redux, but it gave me too much information. I just wanted a simple icon to tell me to come back later. Thus, I made this mod.

Who is it for:

People like me who want to explore randomly or do radiant quests but don't want to clear a location a second time. If you arrive at a location and see * you know to come back later. (EX: *Black-Briar Lodge*) If you have a save before starting a radiant quest, you can check the map marker for the location of the radiant quest and see if it has a * at both ends. (EX: *Black-Briar Lodge*). If it does, you can reload and try again for a new radiant quest location.

Who is it not for:

If you want more information, such as where to get the quest involved or whether the dungeon contains world walls and the like, i recommend. Dungeon Quest Awareness Redux Special Edition with Atlas Map Markers at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community . 


Should be compatible with everything.

Users of the mod MISSIVES: Please note that, unlike skyrim itself, MISSIVES does not actually activate map markers when you accept the radiant quests, it simply gives you a quest marker. As such, you will be unable to see if the location of a missive quest is used for a regular quest until you arrive there. This is part of how MISSIVES works and there is nothing i can do. Creating a save and using the console command TMM 1 0 0 will make all map markers visible and allow you to check the location if desired. Then simply load the save.

Installation: Put it in your data folder or use a mod manager.

Should be fine to add or remove mid-game.

Note to moderators: I made this mod entirely from scratch. I am publishing this mod in good faith with the belief that it is unique and does not violate any terms of this website. If I am mistaken in any regard, please note that I am willing to correct any issues myself as soon as i am notified and ask for the right to correct any honest mistake.