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Please start from a CLEAN save after deleting old versions.
Follow in the adventures of Jake, A now deceased Nord explorer, who in his travels, left behind many exciting discoveries around the world of Tamriel.

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The Adventures of Jake Morningstar
The Orphan Beds version is not a PATCH, so don't install both mods.
If anyone using this mod has a patch for this and any other mod, I will be happy to host it here, or to post a link for the patch for other mods, but you are welcome to submit one.

IMPORTANT: You should be able continue from your last good save!

Jake was a Nord living in Skyrim many years prior to the founding of Whiterun.  He witnessed the beginning days of Jorrvaskr and was in fact friends with some of the inhabitants.  During Jakes travels throughout the land, he found many unique things, from strange wreckage and remains.  He learned many new ways to forge useful items.  From these discoveries Jake was able to craft many powerful weapons, armors, potions and scrolls.  He set up a few places to trade his wares in the major cities and established a central shop on the ruins of an old foundation of destroyed building just outside Whiterun.  From there he was able to sell his wares.  After years of exploring, Jake married and settled down for a short time.  His family has inherited his shops and has carried on his trades for many years since.

During Jakes travels he set about placing all sorts of containers throughout Skyrim as caches for his future travels to supply him and his traveling companions with the supplies needed to survive.

Jake and his companions found and built several strange and unique structures and hideouts. He was an adventurer; he wrote many documents describing the places he and his friend found.  Make your way to his hidden camp that can be found to the North and East of Helgen along the base of the mountain.

Jake has since passed away, but he has left his discoveries and contributions behind in the hopes of another following his path of discovery.


Your first stop on your journey will be at the Entrance / Exit of Helgen Cave.  There you will find evidence of the beginning of Jake's great adventure.  look for a Corpse, Cmdr. Johaul, sitting on a chest close to the cave entrance.
From there, proceed to the bridges outside Honningbrew Meadery, there you must talk to the Orc "Gortwog". He will offer to give you his diary telling about him meeting Jake, Read it then go to his shack and find a note on the floor to continue with the adventure.

After reading this note have a look around for things you may be able to use, then proceed to speak with Sally Shore-Morningstar in the Bannered Mare.  Proceed to Jakes Secret Camp (marked by a Camp Map Marker on your map near Helgen).  Once inside you will find Jake (or what's left of him) and start your adventure.

You will find several notes he wrote laying around, reading them will open up all sorts of small adventures, some will take days, even weeks to complete, others can be used over and over aging.  But keep in mind, nothing will happen until you read the notes!

These followers are strictly vanilla.
Gortwog and Sally are now able to follow you as vanilla followers and are potential marriage partners.

In Gortwog's shack is a book that will teach you a spell to summon him to you when he gets left behind or stuck on terrain.  Gortwog's Summon spell will be available after reading "
Jake, My Treasure Journal" which can be found on the floor of his shack.

In Sally's location is a book that will teach you a spell to summon her to you when she gets left behind or stuck on terrain.  Sally's Summon spell will be available after reading "Sally's family of merchants" which can be found in her inventory (Note: The Spell book must be stolen and is on a small shelf in the dining area).

Your journey begins by discovering the corpse at the Helgen Cave exit.
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Credits:  DarkFox127 - custom textures and meshes for Tamriel Station, Neurotoxin & cystein70 for testing and identifying issues, Farley1255 for proof reading Text and quest testing.