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Just a batch file so you can quickly run the commands to find and move Serana back to you.

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Exactly what the title suggests. Nothing more than a two-line script to make sure Serana never vanishes again. Particularly useful if you use the Serana Dialogue Add-On mod, because she frequently wants to stop and have a conversation with you, and it's easy to miss them and leave her behind.

If it doesn't work, you may need to tweak her reference ID depending on your load order. The first two numbers in her reference ID (02002b74) will depend on when Dawnguard is loaded for you. '02xxxxxx' should work for the large majority of people, but in some strange cases Dawnguard may be loaded after Heartfire or Dragonborn and those first two digits will need to be replaced with whatever the respective order Dawnguard is loaded in (03xxxxxx or 04xxxxxx).

It's simple, and it's stupid. Most of you probably already have a batch script folder where you keep an array of scripts that you can run at any given time. Some people don't, and that's why I decided to upload this. Hell, I know I must have lost Serana 1000 times before I realized you could even use console commands to summon her back.

Installation is easy, and there are two ways it can be done.

1) Install directly to the directory where your .exe is located (easiest option).

2) Create a subfolder in the directory where your .exe is located, and organize it that way (cleanest option).

However you choose to install the script, it's important to remember the file location if you put it in a subfolder. Scripts installed to the main directory can be run using the console ('~' key) and typing 'bat [batname]' without needing to point to any specific directory. However, scripts installed into any subfolder will need to be pointed to that specific subfolder

A good organizational layout would look something like this.

skyrim install directory -> batchfiles -> subfolders to organize what category they are (character modifiers, fixes, whatever).

Let's say you install the 'moveserana.txt' file to a subfolder called fixes inside of 'batchfiles'. Your command would look like this;

bat "batchfiles/fixes/moveserana" (caps are important, by the way)

I know it sounds complicated reading about it (and probably because I'm terrible at explaining it), but it's a relatively intuitive way to keep unnecessary files from clogging up your Skyrim directory. If you're too lazy to organize, you just don't care, or maybe you don't want to remember what each subfolder contains, just drop it into your installation directory and run the script that way.

Oh, also, I lied. I updated it already. I just added an extra set of useful scripts I've collected over the years. Enjoy.