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(ESL) Head to Solstheim and help the Morag Tong wipe out a Dark Brotherhood threat on the island.

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The Morag Tong, according to most scholars, had been a facet of the culture of Morrowind almost since its beginning. After all, the history of Resdayn, the ancient name of Morrowind, is rife with assassination, blood sacrifice, and religious zealotry, hallmarks of the order.
- Fire and Darkness: The Brotherhoods of Death by Ynir Gorming

Head to Solstheim and you will be able to find a Morag Tong Hideout. As they are not really appreciated by House Redoran, they settled in the North-East of the island, ready to start assassinating again. Their leader, Vanilath, has heard of the return of the Dark Brotherhood on Solstheim and will not let it happen. Help them take down the Dark Brotherhood before it starts wreaking havoc in Raven Rock.

This ESL-flagged ESP contains 5 quests and 2 generic followers. It doesn't require any mod, but does require the official Dragonborn DLC.

  • Can I join the Morag Tong if I am part of the Dark Brotherhood?
No. The Morag Tong and the Dark Brotherhood are enemies. You will be attacked if you enter the hideout, and you will just kill them. However, doing this quest before the Dark Brotherhood one doesn't stop you from going through the vanilla Dark Brotherhood questline afterwards, although Vanilath might attack you, if you ever decide to come back to the Morag Tong.

  • How do I start the mod?
Head to the Morag Tong Hideout and talk to Vanilath. One of his dialogs will lead you to get recruited.

  • Are there any recruitable followers in this mod?
Two Morag Tong members will gladly join your adventures, as long as you were accepted as part of the Morag Tong (and received your armor).

  • What areas were changed?
A small area in the North-East of Solstheim and a very small trapdoor was added near the Sun Stone.

  • Are there other mods that re-introduce the Morag Tong in Skyrim?
There is another mod, not available on Nexus though, called Solstheim V2.6 that also allows you to join the Morag Tong. I haven't checked it out yet, but that is another option for you, if you really want to join the Morag Tong.