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“You couldn't wish for a finer blade". Orcrist can be found on a ledge behind the upside down skeleton in BleakCoast Cave.. Plug in is flagged .esl for your enjoyment :)
Same base Damage as Ebony Sword but faster, and lighter (It's an Elven thing). It can also be crafted, enchanted, and upgraded with Ebony smithing perk.

Permissions and credits
Orcrist SE

The Goblin Cleaver, Biter, The blade that sliced a thousand necks.

"You could not wish for a finer blade"





Reason for this mod:

Always been a HUGE fan of the weapons from The Hobbit, and LoTR movies.
I have seen this blade done for Skyrim LE before but wanted to do a version of it myself.
So I did :)

What does this mod do:

This mod adds one Orcrist to the game. It is located in Bleakcoast Cave. It is on the rock ledge behind the upside down skeleton. It can also be crafted, enchanted, and upgraded with Ebony Smithing perk.

Damage is the same as an Ebony sword but lighter, and faster (It's a first age Elf thing :) ).

Important Notes:

This plug in has been flagged .esl for your enjoyment. :)


Pretty much everyone uses some form of mod manager program now which make this a bit redundant but......If you don't.....Just unpack the archive to your Skyrim Special Edition

folder,and place a chackmark next to Orcrist.esp on start up under mods.


None without contacting me first for permission.

I can be reached via PM on the Nexus.


The fabulous weapons designers from WETA workshop who designed The look and proportions of this blade.

PhatBassAnchor for the idea of the location.

Final thoughts:

Just having fun being retired, and making things I want for my own game.

I also enjoy seeing people having fun with them.

Screenshots of your characters are always welcome.