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Iron-based weapons and armor now inherent tools against magic.

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"Cold Iron," in some domains of mythology, is the bane of magic (most commonly against Fae but sometimes against magic and magical creatures in general). The mod changes the iron-based weapons and armor ingame (e.g. iron, steel, Imperial, Draugr, wolf, etc) to be inherent tools to be used against magic. This is a decent mod for roleplaying spellbreakers or magehunters without the implication of using magic to significantly counter magic. 

Iron-based armors now resist magic at the cost of stunting your Magicka Regeneration. Weapons now harm Magicka in addition to temporarily damaging the targets Magicka Regeneration. Larger armor pieces like chestplates have effects of greater magnitude than smaller items like helmets or boots. 

Any weapons and armor changed by the mod are not able to be used at enchanting tables; all enchanted iron-based items from the vanilla base game have been removed. This mod has the side effect of causing the changed weapons and armor to be unimprovable at workbenches and grinding stones, so any affected items have been buffed accordingly: 
Base Damage/Armor Rating: 
<19 = +1
20-29 = +2
30-39 = +3
...and so on. 

Planned Additions

  • Addition of a light-iron effect for armor (e.g. studded armor) that appears to have less iron makeup than armor like the airon or steel set. 
  • Patches for Immersive Weapons and Armor. 
  • Blocking with iron-based weapons adds additional magic resistance.
  • Add spellbreaker abilities than utilize stamina.