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A new set of craftable men's Steel armor of an otherworldly skyfarer

Permissions and credits
Kreiste's Stranded Attires
Azure Skyfarer

• A new set of craftable men's armor an otherworldly sword-wielding Skyfarer. The whole set is of Steel armor tier in strength. 

• Consists of a body armor, a pair of gauntlets and greaves, exclusive for male character. As a bonus, a matching sword is included as well. 

• The whole set can be crafted at a forge without requirements

• While the design is inspired from a certain character of a popular video game, the 3D model is made and sculpted from scratch by me. 

• The armor comes with 2K texture sets. 

• The body used for this armor is SOS. You know where to find it.  

• The metallic part peruses vanilla cubemaps. However, I use SC - Cubemaps by the amazing Shingles Cat. 

McDonald Red tunic version is included as a bonus.

• A yellow bronze recolor included as optional download, provided by 45tg67se.


Please contact me if you'd like to use the assets in this mod or make a conversion. I'd also prefer it if my assets stay within Nexus Mods and/or Vector Plexus. 

Additionally, I do not want my works to be edited/modified/morphed/derived for SMMB. I do not want to associate my creation with that mod. Please respect my decision :)


Ousnius, Caliente and the rest of the team for Body Slide & Outfit Studio. 
VectorPlexusSmurfb3lisario of LL for SOS, and Galgaroth for the SSE conversion.
air from VectorPlexus forum for teaching me how to make Outfit Studio weight sliders. 
Ulfberth for teaching me how to use Body Slide and Outfit Studio.
Mystical for teaching me the mysterious and not-so-obvious part of Nifskope. 
Hideo Minaba, Nobuo Uematsu, and Cygames for an excellent grindfest of a game, Granblue Fantasy; which this outfit is inspired from. 
My patrons and the entire Vector Plexus community who always lifts my spirits up. 

Special thanks to the people listed below for my character model : 
Tempered Skins for SOS by traa108
Charmers of the Reach by Trixter & m4mk203 
KS Hairdos by Kalilies 
Lucas COTR preset by PoeticAnt44
SC Cubemaps by ShinglesCat

Please endorse if you like it :D
Leave a comment, let me know what FF jobs outfit should I make next~