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I could not find a Requiem patch for Rustic Soulgems anywhere, so I took it upon myself to upload one here. There was briefly one on the 3T community page, but it was removed.

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Real simple patch. Note, this reverts any changes that Requiem made to object bounds for soulgems. It only touched a couple, and Rustic Soulgems only touched a couple. I prefered RS overall. I don't think it matters much, but let me know if it does.

Really only a couple records actually need to be changed, mainly filled soul-gems since they seem to use a different model in RS so just over-riding the model doesn't work.

NOTE: If you are a 3Tweaks (3T), BTweaks (BT) or FTweaks (FT) user, you do not need additional patches. None of them currently modify soul gems in any way, so no additional patching is needed.

Contact info:
* Night_Thastus on Reddit
* Night Thastus#6641 on Discord
* Here on the Nexus