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Unique Females of Whiterun Facelift

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SUFO Whiterun Pack

What is this:
17 Unique Females of Whiterun Facelift. Namely..
- Adrianne
- Aela
- Ahlam
- Arcadia
- Carlotta
- Danica
- Hulda
- Irileth
- Jenassa
- Lydia
- Njada
- Olfina
- Ria
- Saadia
- Saffir
- Uthgred
- Ysolda
You can see them on screenshots, taken during creations. They all have at screenshot right bottom their names and what you see you will get.

What it does:
- Completely changes appearance named NPC's
- Edits Disposition base
- Edits Opposite gender walk
- Edits Follower options
- Edits Marriage options
- Edits Relationship stats

This is a very simple mod, very light. All females has their own original even customised Races, Weights, Perks, Skills and Stats except their behaviour, dialogue options with player.
All NPC's can be recruited straight away or after completion their favour quests. They all can be married, except those already married, however their altered relationship and disposition can be used to seduce them with other mods.
There's NO such a thing like this body or that body shape, just simple reference to player body meshes in use. They will get what you have.
There's NO custom outfits. I do not see a point to add them, players will change them anyway for what they like. So they have their originals, some of them edited for versions without hood and helmets.
All created facegens are 100% my own creations. They are alternate versions taken from my own private custom followers mods and Amorous Adventures of Flower Girls project, which can be seen on my discord server. This mod is 100% SWF, created for anyone. It doesn't really mater what you use, it will take and run SFW bodies so well as NSFW bodies with or without Physics nor SMP.
More packs ahead for each town, rest of Skyrim world and DLC's.

Preferred new game save if you ever used or still use any mod that edits same NPC's. If their weight been changed by any other mod, you would get neck, wrists, ankles gap because it's already saved in your saves. Even if you do not have such a mod anymore, saves are still there. It's easy to fix it by console command.

I would not say that there's any but for facegens creation I used Fair skin v 10 for CBBE. You might get neck seams or even completely NPC's Appearance change with other skin textures.

Credits for external assets used in this mod:

KS Hairdos for Hair Styles 
CBBE for Beauty Marks 
Mikan Eyes SE for Eyes textures 
Fair Skin Complexion for freckles, brows and lips textures

Tools used for creations: