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Rebalancing of the Vokrii mod fix already here to change melee combat.

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Considering that the Nexus already has a Unarmed Overhaul for a Vokrii, but the user who created it deleted his profile, I decided to add this mod. The changes affected all perks in Light Armor related to hand-to-hand combat, as well as several perks in Stealth, which allow you to receive the same bonuses as strikes with one-handed weapons or daggers. Here is the changelog:

Light Armor Mastery: You will also now gain experience in Light Armor while fighting  with your bare hands.

Iron Fist: Deal extra unarmed damage equal to 0.2/0.3/0.4% of your current Light Armor skill. The speed of your attacks with bare hands is increased by 10/20/30%. Performing a power attack doubles the damage dealt.

Brawler Reaction (was Ki Strike Perk): Time slows down if your fists out during an enemy's power attack. Unlike the previous version, the fists must be ready.

In the process, the following bugs were fixed:

1) When starting hand-to-hand combat, an analogue of fists was used to increase the speed of the strike, however, this led to a real battle and a penalty for attack (the previous version of the mod).

2) Now all three perks increase the impact speed (not a bug, rather a feature).

3) Removed binding for both hands, which allows you to inflict increased damage from perks, even if you have a fake or shield in your hand. However, you can only get the speed bonus if both of your hands are free.

Bugs: If you have already purchased one of the modified melee or unarmed perks, you may need to change your race or remove and then purchase the perks, as they are not automatically updated. Therefore, I separately created a script that will update these perks. If that doesn't work, let me know.