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Have you ever wished you rather had a fluffy luck dragon from the world of Fantasia, offering you a happy flight on your mission to defeat Alduin the World Eater, and then let you call him to aid you in battle? Consider yourself lucky!

Permissions and credits
This mod gives Odahviing a new skin that resembles Falkor from The Neverending Story.
I spent some time slapping together this new model and textures, basically a dragon model with a head based on the vanilla hounds.
This mod comes in two flavours - Normal, and "FusaFusa" (like in the screenshots).
The FusaFusa version gives the model a more fluffy effect, layers of imitated fur above/across the neck, back and tail. Much more comfy to sit on when you're riding Fal- errr, I mean Odahviing! ^^
Players with lower end PCs might want to install the normal version for a slightly better FPS.
The main model doesn't have wings, but instead he has arms that are unfortunately unrigged/immobile due to technical limitations to the vanilla animations and skeleton, although those limbs are there for mostly aesthetic purposes. Also, model(s) with wings can be downloaded as an optional file.

This mod is incompatible with other plugins that change Odahviing's armor addon as well as outfit data.

I don't really have any plans to back-port this to Oldrim, anyone is free to do that as long as you notify and credit me.

Manual installation:
Download and open the zip-file, navigate to the "data" folder and drag it to your Skyrim SE directory (like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition")
Now enable the plugin in a mod manager of your choice, such as Wrye Bash. The plugin is ESL-flagged.

Manual uninstallation:
Delete the Odahviing_Falkor_Replacer.esp in your Data folder, navigate to the "Falkor Odahviing" folders in your meshes respective textures folders and delete them.

Feel free to use this model to make a separate luck dragon NPC, and be sure to notify and credit me. :)

Screenshots and videos welcome!