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From Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, the legendary Sunlight Yellow Overdrive spell

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During the Dawnguard quest you can find a new spell that will turn you into a sunlight wielding killing machine. Auri-El's Bow and Dawnbreaker are cool, but personally I think this is cooler. 

Of course it's a Jojo reference. You can find the spell and shoe horned in lore on one specific corpse in the game.

You will come across it during the quest "Touching the Sky", but just see the images if you don't mind having it's location spoiled. I had to upload enough images for it not to show up on the description page so that’s why there are all the non-Skyrim jojo pictures. 

If you don’t want to do the Dawnguard quests You can console it in yourself by searching "help overdrive" , then "player.additem [item ID for the book/tome] 1".

This doesn't require anything besides Dawnguard.

Blunt description: It's a spell that when casted, puts your character in the unarmed weapon stance. Then start punching those vampires. Your punches are going to be fast af, and hitting undead npc's will light them up with sun magic (as well as a chance to trigger the Dawnbreaker's undead spells that make them retreat with the gnarly blue light explosion) Against normal npc's it won't do much damage. 

Please let me know in the comments if it's working alright for you, or if you have any balancing suggestions. I tried to not make it overpowered, but still really useful. Seriously let me know, I haven't had a lot of time to test it out. 
If you spoil anything from Jojo, I'll have to delete your comment. Likewise if I see you dissing my boy Jonathan Joestar.