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(ESL) Head through an arena called The Abyss and help The Warrior of Rivercrest defeat the Lich he is after.

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You did well to overcome your fear. You are a wonderful hero. What will you do, now that it's over? - Junius the Elder (The Elder Scrolls: Blades)

Head to the settlement of Cevil, near Falkreath, where you will hear about "The Warrior of Rivercrest", who passed by and stayed in the village for a little while. Intrigued by who this unknown hero might be, you will head to the Abyss (various dungeons filled with enemies) and will be able to help the warrior on his quest to defeat a lich.

This mod was flagged as an ESL and contains one quest, that might be a little longer if you aren't overpowered or if you don't have 10 followers with you. In itself, the quest isn't that hard, you will have to go through a total of ten arenas, accompanied by the Warrior, who will require the Creation Club Steel Soldier Armor, if you download this version of the file. Otherwise, just download the normal version. Be sure to claim your rewards in the coffers before leaving the Abyss, as you will not be able to return there afterwards.

  • How do I start the mod?
Head to the Cevil Settlement and talk to Briolin Rusentia. The quest will start once you finish talking with him.

  • Are there any recruitable followers in this mod?
Unfortunately, no.

  • What areas were changed?
A small area near Falkreath, next to the Cracked Tusk Keep. A small settlement is now there.