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HD version of the Quill of Gemination quest 2 new variations!

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** This mod is now also part of my mod Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul!

** Check out my new mod 
Immersive Quill of Gemination - Vald's Debt Quest Expansion.  It has the same unique model & texture replacer as this mod, plus a lot more!! 

You won't need this mod if you use either (or both) of the above mods...

I don't think I've seen anywhere that any love has been given specifically to the Quill of Gemination quest item.  
Just doesn't seem right that a creation by the Wizards of Winterhold made for the head of the Black-Briar family should share the same look as any common quill?!?  

So, here's a little replacer mod with two different options, Light or Dark, for the Quill of Gemination. 


Brumbek' improved quill mesh from his essential Static Mesh Improvement Mod...(
Bethesda for Skyrim and Creation Kit
All the brilliant, generous people involved in the design and upkeep of Blender, NifSkope, and Gimp

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