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Slightly Improves the Clouds Mesh, primarily fixes the Horizon clouds gap.

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- [Description]

Improved Clouds Mesh
improves the Clouds Mesh.

Most noteable fix would be the Horizon Clouds Fix.
Now Horizon Clouds go a bit beneath the visible Horizon hiding the odd looking gap.



There are other Fixes and Improvents to Clouds positions and UV Mapping but their minor and don't change much to ensure nothing looks overly weird with other cloud textures and Weathers Mods.

This also hides the Horizon Seam further (of course the Weather must be setup to support that)

I'll work on it a bit more and try to fix more issues especially a permanent fix for the Horizon Seam.

- [Installation]

Install and activate...duh :)

- [Known Issues]


- [Compatibility]

All Cloud Retextures and Weather Mods are compatible, even those that add new Cloud Textures.

- [Xbox Port]

Xbox port is in the works

- [Credits]

Bethesda for making a game that refuses to die

Godd Howard bless their souls.