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An extremely amateurish recolor of the vanilla swamp grass to replace Cathedral's less than ideal take on it. Alternatively, replace Cathedral swamp grass with Cathedral snow grass.

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So while I love almost everything about Cathedral Landscapes, I'm not terribly fond of the swamp grass. It looks weird. There are some other options out there already (several mods using Northern Grass and my own variant with the old Veydosebrom 1.0) to overwrite Cath swamp grass with literally anything else. These other grasses are from less optimized mods though, and invariably come with a performance hit in the already performance-intense swamp area.


While testing something completely unrelated, I recently saw (perhaps for the first time in years) the swamp with its original vanilla grass. "Huh," I thought to myself, "what mod is that?". But it wasn't a mod. Because the vanilla grass is fairly dark and saturated I did some terribly amateurish editing with Photoshop to match the almost white swamp ground textures from Cathedral Landscapes better - and here we are.

I'm not a texture modder. I have no clue what I'm doing. Personally I think it does look slightly better than before. Plz don't judge me.

IMGSLI Album (comparison screenshots)

Screenshots taken with Cathedral Landscapes (Grass Density 40) and Cathedral Weathers, with and without ENB. I'm not particularly fond of the no-ENB look but since most people run ENB presets, it doesn't really matter and I don't know how to improve it anyway. It might look better with re-enabled vanilla ambient occlusion which I have turned off in favour of ENB AO.


The other alternative would be replacing the Cathedral swamp grass with the Cathedral snow grass. This worked surprisingly well. Does it make sense for grass in the swamp to be white-ish? Not really. Does it a look a million times better on the usually very white-ish ground textures and in the distance? You bet. It will also blend perfectly with the snow grass patches surrounding the swamp.

I replaced the two default landscape texture sets for the swamp with the Cathedral snow grass variants and reverted the slope / nograss texture sets to vanilla. That means there will be less grass overall, especially grass growing out of shallow water or through ice floes.


See permissions tab.


Thanks to the Cathedral team for Cathedral Landscapes.
Thanks to Bethesda for the original textures.
Thanks to alsa for teaching me how to recolor textures.