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Introducing the "MORDHAU" parry system to Skyrim.
Also implements feint, quick and delay.

Permissions and credits
I'm not good at English, so I use a translator.
I'm sorry if I make a mistake.

I like the "MORDHAU" combat system.
Replacing Skyrim's defenses with Bash recreates the MORDHAU style parry.


It is lightweight because it does not use scripts.
ESP with the ESL flag.

[How to use]


Bash replaces defense.
Enter right click.

・Hold the shield

Can only be held if equipped with a shield.
Press the Sheathe key while moving sideways or backwards.
Bash to release the stance.

To use the power bash, equip and hold the shield and press the Sheathe key. [requires perk]


If you enter a left click while swinging up the weapon, it will feint.
Only possible when swinging up the weapon to balance.
This is effective when you have introduced a mod that the enemy avoids. TUDM etc.

・Quick and delay

video (test video and delay only)
NPCs will now randomly use quick and delay.

[Quick] Accelerates weapon attack speed than usual.
[Delay] Weapon attack speed is slower than usual.

The aim of this system is to change the weapon attack speed so that the player fails the timing to parry.
Also, the timing at which parry is possible has been changed just before the attack hits.
During the attack, any attempt to parry other than that timing will fail.
This makes it important to deal with quick and delay.


・Parry is difficult!
Please install the recommended mod.

・Can players do quick and delay?
NPCs aren't implemented because they aren't smart enough to react to quicks and delays from players.
(And I don't know how to make it)  


Escape movement restrictions.esp

ESP with the ESL flag.
It moderately reduces forward movement and significantly reduces backward and lateral movement speeds to limit options other than parrying.
You will need to sheathe your weapon and show your back to the enemy to escape.
You can also sprint and escape.
For balance, it is recommended to increase the stamina cost when using it together with the avoidance mod.

Similarly, the movement speed of the sheathe is also reduced.
In vanilla, there is a specification that when recoil motion occurs, the movement speed will be the speed of the sheathe.
Because high-speed avoidance can be done using this specification.
Also, in vanilla, there is a specification that the movement speed of the first person viewpoint is applied to the movement speed of the sheathe.


  • Spell Perk Item Distributor
Without it, I couldn't implement quick and delay. Thanks to powerofthree.
  • Attack Speed Framework
Fixed a defect in vanilla Skyrim's attack speed. Thanks to renketsu0.

Please install using Mod Manager.
It is recommended to back up your saves.


Please overwrite as it is.


Please uninstall using Mod Manager.

Spell data has been distributed since version 3.
So please restore the saved data that you backed up before installing this mod.


Conflicts with anything that modifies the idle animation.
You can easily create patches using SSEEdit.

If that doesn't work, put the load order at the bottom.


  • Better Melee Ai
NPCs will no longer defend when install my mod.
If you want NPCs to protect, please install this mod.

  • Retimed Hit Frames

It's easier to determine when to parry.

  • Speed and Reach Fixes

By slowing down the weapon speed, it becomes MORDHAU style and it becomes easier to parry.

・Recommendation Weapon Speed Changes
Swords          0.8
Maces           0.65
Axes              0.7
Daggers        0.9
Greatswords 0.7
warhammers 0.6
battleaxes     0.66667

  • zxlice hitStop SSE - Script Free

Hit stop makes close quarters battle even more fun.

Bethesda Softworks
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