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texture pack for the pine trees around riverwood and whiterun (and elsewhere they grow)

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This is a texture replacer for the pine tree textures.

Udate 1.1 brings edge tweaks and even better pseudo3D look.
Screenshots are of version 1.0, newer version is even better (seriosly).

It's available in four sizes, choose in manual download according to your PC performance benchmarks:

16k - overkill, your PC is awesome
8k - good, you have a upper class pc handling hd skyrim modestly
4k - weak, your PC is hardlygood enough to handle HD modded Skyrim SE
2k - your PC is fairly outdated, kinda old veteran
<2k - not availabe and also not planned, go play VGA DOS games instead or click here

Here ain't no meshes, only textures.

But there is a pseudo 3D technique applied to these textures making them look a bit more alive and realistic.

Thanks and respect goes to Robanco/rcdcce for Delicate Pines which inspired me doing this.

My screenshots are made with Enhanced Vanilla Trees (EVT)and ENB.

I also use HQ Tree Bark
Enhanced textures detail (UV -tweaks) which I highly recommend at all.

I consider this as a test for further texture mods I'm going to do.

thx and lovely greetings