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This mod change the 2H vanilla animation to 1H modded animation.

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I. About

Want to feel strong enough to cut your enemies in half using a two handed sword with one hand? THIS MOD IS FOR YOU! Prepare yourself to be the strongest warrior of Tamriel using the mod I Have the Power!

II. Installation

Simply drag & drop in Skyrim's main folder or use your favorite mod manager.
This mod is safe to uninstall and will not alter your savegame.

III. Compatibility

This mod simply overrides
two vanilla animations; it might replace existing ones if they have been altered by another mod.
Other than that, this mod is 100% compatible with everything. Obviously, you need a fitting skeleton for it to make sense.
Conclusion: There is no way this mod can cause CTDs.

IV. Minor Issues

-Sword clips in the floor while sneaking with two-handed weapon.