Skyrim Special Edition
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Lowers the Thieves Guild radiant grind quests requirements for their rewards.

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I made this mod for myself and realized no one uploaded one yet for SSE, so I decided to share.

Pretty simple - This mod lowers the requirements to get the rewards for the radiant quests of the Thieves Guild
  • Before you needed to do: 5, 15,25,35,45,55,75,125 quests to get the full rewards as well as 5 in each Hold before the Hold specific quest. (I personally never made it above 35 without getting bored out of my mind and using console commands)
  • Now you only have to do ONE quest in each Hold to get the corresponding quest and the levels for the items at the Guild Master's desk are: 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.

12 radiant quests are all you need to do to get it all done.


PS- This should even work if you already have done some of the radiant quests - users have confirmed that.