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Pronouns is an SKSE plugin that allows you to specify your character's gender pronouns irrespective of their physical characteristics. This allows the characters you play as to be transgender, non-binary, androgynous, or anything else without being misgendered for the sake of aesthetics. Enforced at the engine level for total compatibility.

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You're a hero. Addressing you properly is the least they can do.

Pronouns is an SKSE plugin that allows you to decouple your character's gender pronouns from their physical characteristics. Whether you are playing as a transgender or non-binary character, or have chosen your body type for aesthetic reasons, this mod allows you to make that choice without being misgendered in dialogue or through game mechanics. Enforced at the engine level for total compatibility.


Choosing Your Pronouns: Specifying your character's pronouns is a very simple process. You will be presented with a prompt allowing you to select your character's preferred pronouns upon closing the race menu. If you've already made your character, you can bring the race menu up again with the "showracemenu" console command, or by visiting the face sculptor in Riften. You can also use the MCM, which provides additional configuration options.

They/Them: This mod allows you to specify that your character's preferred pronouns are they/them. This option indicates that you'd like you character to only be referred to with gender-neutral terminology. I thought it was important to include this option despite the limitations, but you should know to select it with care. Selecting they/them pronouns could prevent you from completing certain quests that don't provide gender-neutral dialogue alternatives. To combat this issue, I've developed the Pronouns Patcher, which allows They/Them players to default to fallback pronouns in those cases. Run the Pronouns Patcher via xEdit, then set your fallback pronouns in the MCM.

Multiple Pronouns: Beyond just allowing you to select between He/Him, She/Her, and They/Them pronouns, this mod allows you to use any of those options in combination by selecting the Multiple option. The MCM contains robust configurations for this setting, allowing you to specify the relative frequency of each, as well as the degree and nature of the fluidity between them. For example, you can specify that you use He/Him pronouns ~80% of the time, and She/Her pronouns ~20% of the time, but you prefer to use them simultaneously. You could instead specify that you tend to switch between the two every couple of days. The MCM provides controls to manually switch the pronouns you are using at any time.

Maximum Compatibility: This mod functions by reverse engineering and overwriting sections of the game's code. As a result, all content (vanilla or modded) that queries the player's gender is supported out of the box. This plugin supports mods that add new races, body types, gendered dialogue and mechanics, or anything else you could think of. It also exposes a very light API so that other mods might query your preferred pronouns directly and build content around that.

Requirements, Compatibility, and Installation

Absolutely requires SKSE. Installation is standard.

Compatible with all mods, though mods that assume physical attributes based on gender may produce unintended results. Specifically, I'm not sure how sex mods will mesh with this plugin as that remains untested. Let me know!

The Pronouns Patcher requires xEdit. To install, drop the contents of the zip file into the "Edit Scripts" folder of your xEdit installation. To use the patcher, load up xEdit, right click a file, and then select "Apply Script". Select the "PronounsPatcher" option in the Script dropdown. Select OK to start the script. The patcher will go through your game files and patch fallback conditions into deadlockable scenarios, logging these scenarios as it goes. The end result will be a file, "PronounsPatch.esp", that should be kept towards the bottom of your load order. You'll also have a log of every element that needed patching in case you're looking to patch in a gender-neutral alternative manually. Save the file, close xEdit, and activate the patch in your load order. Configure your desired fallback pronouns in the MCM and you're good to go.

Complementary Mods

Immersive Gender Reassignment (IGR): Allows the face sculptor to change your character's name and sex

Notes For Mod Authors

This mod functions by replacing the code behind the GetIsSex and SameSex (and, by extension, the GetPCIsSex and SameSexAsPC) condition functions. When called on the player, the player's gender override will be used. If the player selected they/them pronouns, neither 'GetIsSex male' or 'GetIsSex female' will return true for them. If your mod uses these condition functions to assume physical anatomy, the combination of our mods may have unintended results.

The papyrus function ActorBase.GetSex() is not changed. If you use this in your mod to assume the player's gender, you may have unintended results. On the other hand, you can use this function to determine the player's physical anatomy more safely.

I've provided an API you can use to get and set the player's preferred pronouns, as well as apply temporary pronoun overrides (for features like disguises, etc.). You can find these documented in PlayerPronouns.psc. This mod also includes a variety of global variables that you can use in condition functions to add functionality based on the player's pronouns and preferences.

You have my permission to release and distribute mods that make use of these tools, however, I reserve the right to revoke that permission at will. If I'm notified that you've distributed a mod that uses my work to, unbeknownst to the user, alter the player's pronouns or use knowledge of the player's pronouns to harass or deliberately misgender them, your permission will be permanently revoked and I will escalate the matter to the Nexus moderators.


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