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Requested by faffman. Allows the player to collect dead bodies. Other file allows bear trap collection.

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Collect Bodies:
This allows the player to "collect" bodies, picking them up and placing them in their inventory. This will store the body as a misc object represented by a coffin. Hard limit of 100 bodies.
By dropping the coffin, you can place the body at your feet. You can permanently store bodies by placing them in another container.
NOTE: with SKSE the bodies have a dynamic weight based on sex and inventory content. Whatever you add to their inventory, WILL impact your own.

Collect Bear Traps:
Allows you to pick up bear traps while sneaking, and drop them as you like. Upon dropping, hold the grab button to return it to a working state. Now includes forge recipe for bear traps, and an upgrade as well.

All scripts involved are run once when each action is performed. The only "permanent" things are in Collect Bodies; the aliases in the collection pseudo-quests, which could slightly increase your save size. But, dropping the body back into the world will remove that alias, and therefore the effect is not permanent.

As the bodies are stored in a new cell, and the scripts are only run when picking up/dropping a body, or loading the game, uninstalling should be very safe at any time during a play through. The bodies that are stored will be lost, however, so you may want to drop them into the world first.
Collect Bear Traps should be even safer than that.

Let me know if anything acts strangely. If I have the time, I'll get to it.