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One-handed normal & power sprint attacks animations replacer

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Make sure you have the critical charge perk in the one-handed tree or you won't be able to use the sprint attacks. In the second part of the video i am using the animation with two-handed weapon because i am using dynamic combat which allow me to use sprint attacks from other weapons type.

If you want to show your appreciation then leave a like on the video or endorse here. Also subscribe to see the upcoming animations. My mods are open permission, you can upload or modify them without contacting me. but if you make xbox conversion then consider contacting me so i can share the link with other xbox users.

-The armor pack i am mostly using in my videos for those interested-

Xbox conversions by SkyFall_515
Two-Handed 3-Hit Power Attack Forward
Witcher-Style Power Attack
Greatsword Forward Normal Attack
Heavyblade Attack Combo
Heavyblade Forward Power Attack
Dual Wield Forward Power Attack

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