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A patch to stop objects added by these mods clipping into each other.

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Upon installing these two mods together and walking into the Dragonsreach kitchen, my eyes were plagued by the result of an oven trying to be in the same place as a cupboard... thing (honestly I've got no idea what it's actually called).

Now, I could've just disabled the clipping objects, but that's the easy way out, isn't it?

Anyways, after a bit of fumbling around blindly in the creation kit and some help from people in the Skyrim mods Discord, a patch was born. You get the oven added by DLC Integration, and the everything else added by JK's Dragonsreach aside from said cupboard thing, sans clipping!

Also, I've fixed some other things too in more recent updates, like moving the venison stew to keep it from sitting under a mammoth snout.

Please let me know if I managed to screw something up (I might've, frankly I've got no idea what I'm doing but it seems to work fine in-game), or if one of the authors wants to contact me for whatever reason.