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Skarburn and theycallmecheese

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Replaces the ancient shrouded armor with a new unique look

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Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor - Replacer
Original armor by theycallmecheese



This is very simply a pure replacer for the Ancient Shrouded armor without the added effects the original author added. He uploaded a version that added a unenchanted version to the Dawnstar Sanctuary, but many (me included) wanted a version that just replaced his models with the original ones without any other changes. So here you go!

Extract the contents of the RAR file to your "skyrim/data" folder, or use Mod Organizer/Vortex (Recommended for easy install/uninstall).

Manual uninstall:
Delete the "AncientShroudedArmorReplacer.esp" from your data folder and the folder called "ancientshroudedarmorkta" from "Skyrim/Data/Meshes/Armor" and "Skyrim/Data/Textures/Armor".

Compatible with every other mod as long as you don't have another mod that modifies the Ancient Shrouded Armor. Supports beast races.

Known Issues:
Tails will clip through the cape. This is not avoidable.

All credit for the armor goes to the original author, 
theycallmecheese. I have just replaced the original Ancient Shrouded Armor with his version.

Original mod:

If you enjoy his armor, please head over to his original mod page and hit the endorse button so he gets the recognition he deserves. Thank you :)