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A seductive but moderate walking animation replacer.

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This is just a port (with permission) from the nice catwalk animation by Nex80s.

This replaces the default walking animation only (not running, sprint, sneak or anything else). I like it because it's pretty sexy and feminine, but maybe not so "over the top" as others, so it may be more to the taste of other players.

It comes on 3 flavors:

1) For player only (overwrittes nothing, requieres

2) For NPCs only (overwrittes nothing, requires

3) Both player and NPCS (overwrittes other walking replacers, requires nothing).

Here's a little video showing the animation in action. Currently I only ported the normal version, but I can offer also the exaggerated one if people are interested. First video is mine, but maybe the host will block it because the armor is too sexy :p, sot let me know if it doesn't show. I also will link the original sample of the author:

While you're at it, why not download/endorse the original mod?