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One-handed animation replacer, mainly geared towards an Akaviri/Samurai playthrough.

Permissions and credits
Akaviri Martial Arts
-Oriental Swordsmanship Redux-

 One-handed attack animations (normal , while running from right/left, back-step, sprint, and walk).

 One-handed run, block, (staggering) recoil animations
 Idle animation, walk, run 360 degree animation. (no equip, unequip motion included).
(There is now a DAR version of the mod as well if you use it). 
(There is also one for katanas as well). 

This mod has been ported from LE, the original link is here:
Akaviri Martial Arts LE

Examples of how this mod looks:

Attack 1

Attack 2

Power Attack

Running Power Attack

Left Power Attack

Right Power Attack

Back Power Attack

Block Hit

Block Hit Recoil Variant 1

Block Hit Recoil Variant 2

Sprint Power Attack


Mod Organizer 

1. just install it in the same way you do other mods

2. run Nemesis (find requirement section) to prevent glitches.  




Nemesis PCEA

Q & A

1. Q: Do other one handed weapon like 1h axe, stick share the motions?

A: Yes, so it might be quite weird when you use other weapon, these new motions look natural when you use curved sword or blade. if you do not want to be in that situation I recommend mod named Nemesis PCEA above.

2. Q: Succeed to install it, but now player is wielding too slow or seems footstep is bit slippy, whatever it is, not like the video.

A : By default, wielding speed might be slower than the video, it is normal, but you can speed up the weaponspeed simply by using the console command
player.forceav weaponspeedmult 1.4  (default is 1)

And.....about slippy footstep, if you change the parameter of running speed by some other mod so your speed is bit slow, it might look slippy. but in the vanilla speed not much slippier I guess. I will trim a bit more for that. However if you can't wait for it, there is also console command to fix it.
player.forceav speedmult 150  (default is 100)