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Appearance replacer for our favorite Dunmer sellsword. Patch for Teldryn Serious included. Both ESL flagged.

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*** This version is now included in my newest mod, and thus will no longer be supported ***

Teldryn is probably my favorite vanilla follower, and I wanted to give him a new look that fits his personality. He is a standalone download, meaning you don't have to install anything extra to make him work/look as intended. He has a high poly head that's meant to be used with Expressive Facial Animations, however I doubt you'll experience any issues if you don't have this mod. He's using Tempered Skin, meaning that he is nude under his clothes. 

Please be aware that Teldryn's vanilla outfit includes the chitin helmet that completely covers his face, and he's loathe to take it off, even if you give him something with a better rating. So, if you want to see his lovely face, I suggest you hop into Xedit and change his outfit to literally anything other than vanilla. Here's the example: vanillla is "DLC2HirelingTeldrynOutfit" - I've changed it in my personal game to "ArmorNetchBoiledLeatherAllOutfit" which is from a separate mod, but you can give him any kind of other outfit that's in vanilla game. Click in the field with the outfit and you'll get a drop down menu and you can choose from the huge list there.  

Place below all other mods that may affect the NPC record of Teldryn. If you're using mods that give him different stats or weapons, you'll need to make a patch that forwards my appearance changes, and the changes of the other mod. Here is a link to a video that demonstrates how to make a simple patch. 

I've included a simple esp replacer patch in optional files for those that are using Teldryn Serious

My other mods: 

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Anna's NPC Patch for Frostfall and RND

I would love to see your in-game screenshots, please feel free to post! :) 

Other recommended mods: 

A Smile HD by MARI SE - If you've never thought about a teeth retexture, you're doing yourself a disservice. Go grab Mari's amazing mod and see the difference for yourself!

Teldryn Serious - a great enhancement to the original character, giving him more lines, additional backstory, and quests!


Disclaimer- I did not make any textures or meshes myself!  All I did was combine bits and pieces from other's amazing creations. All assets used were created by different talented members of this modding community, and they all deserve immense credit for their awesome work. If you happen to notice a file that I failed to give credit for (I hope not!) PLEASE let me know because it's certainly not intentional and I will remedy it ASAP! It's never my intent to pass off other's hard work as my own. 

Please visit and endorse their individual pages!

Thank you to: 

Vector Plexus High Poly Head 

Teldryn was created in racemenu using Expressive Facegen Morphs