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Valkyrja Estate is a large Player home near Solitude.
It is located across the water from the Solitude Mill.
Valkyrja Estate boasts a large Main house, a Museum, a Quarters for followers, Crafting areas, A garden, planters, a greehouse and more...
There is also a Mine addon, with respawning Ore veins.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish

Valkyrja Estate Solitude

Located across the water from the Solitude Mill
Please read the full description before downloading

Video by Febrith Darkstar
be sure check out her other home reviews.

For the Role Player


The original design and construction of Valkyrja Estate was done by my good friend, jpitner.
Because he needed more time to devote to Valkyrja Castle and The Museum, he handed it off to me to complete. I have worked on this home off and on for three plus years. When it broke the last time, over a year ago, I said no more bandages and pulled it down until I could completely rebuild it. I apologize it took so long.
This version has been completely rebuilt, every piece of the estste has been redone.

I told my testers, our goal was to give it back to the community by Christmas. They worked hard and steady for more than four weeks and we made it. They all deserve a kudos for the time and energy they put into this mod to insure you receive the best possible version.

A main House, A Museum / Crafting area, a Followers Quarters and a Quiet Place and an Outside crafting area.
All with linked safe storage.

The main house has a master bedroom with a tub, a music room, a kitchen and large dining room.
Includes consumables and some ingredients that will respawn, all while maintaining safe storage.

The Museum has a Armory, Library and crafting area, lots of places to display your trophies.

The follower quarters has a large pool, an armory for followers and a sleeping area for followers.
Also includes auto strip at the pools - can be turned off with a button in the secret armory.

Garden area behind the outdoor smithy.

Planters for growing your own ingredients.

A teleport spell book - located on coffee table in front living area.

The Quiet Place is for the player only.
Valkyrja Estate can become a busy place with the staff, adopted children and guards. I made the quiet place so that the player had somewhere to go, where NPC's can not go unless taken there by the player. It is located behind the house in the stone wall.

Auto strip on pools, Master Bed and some towels around the pool.
Can be turned off with the button in the secret armory.

NPC's - 
8 Guards 
1 Housecarl (Follower) Begins at level 6 and levels with the player (can be turned off with Guards)
1 Cook (merchant)
1 Blacksmith (merchant)
1 tailor (merchant)
1 Mage Arcane (merchant)
1 Mage Apothecary (merchant)
1 Bard (Follower) Begins at level 6 and levels with the player (can be turned off with a button in Secret Armory)
All Staff Members and Guards can be turned off with a button in the secret Armory for those who want more peace and quiet.
All Guards and Staff use whatever body you have installed in your game.

Valkyrja Estate Mine: Addon

Behind the main house in the stone wall.
This is an addon to Valkyrja Estate
(esp and esl versions)

A mine with respawning ore veins and safe storage.
2 Miners - one male one female Orc
Shipping profits. Check the sales journals - 1 in the master bedroom, 1 in the outside smithy and 1 in the mine. Generates profits every 3 in game days.
A rack for your pickaxe.
A miners Quarters suitable for the Orc, married couple.
Miners can be turned off with a button in the secret Armory

Only choose one of either the esl version of the Mine or the esp version of the Mine.
Make sure The Mine loads after Valkyrja Estate along with any of the other patches.

Other Features of the Estate:

Valkyrja Armor: Full set of Bodyslide files by Sunjeong
(Requirements same as any bodyslide files you use) 
Can also be used with the Valkyrja Armor at the Valkyrja Castle Whiterun Mod by jpitner

Care was taken in attempting to balance lighting. Textures were desaturated and lower light settings used to help the bright enb users and low lights added in certain areas to help the dark enb users all while maintaining a comfortable vanilla default lighting experience. It is an impossible balance, I hope we came close. If you find somewhere unbearable, please send me a screenshot of the area, no promises, but I will look at it.

All storage containers marked with (Linked) can be accessed at different points inside and outside the home.
A General Stores patch has been added for users of that great storage mod.

Additional Followers and Patches:
For those who use Cortex Follower Series Reborn, there is a patch to place the followers at the Estate with full sandboxing packages.

Hearthfires Multiple Adoptions Compatible. Just cast the "Bless Home" spell in the hallway by the Master Bedroom and move your family in.

Back shields Compatible, for those who are using  Auto Unequip Shield to Back for Skyrim SE - Backshields

Shiva's Vanilla Hair replacer Patch (under Misc files), will replace the facegendata, of Male Orc Miner, required by Shiva's Vanilla Hair Replacer - Male

Realistic Water Two - Patch under Misc files. Should Only required for Realistic Water Two v3.0.4 or older.

Landscape Fixes for Grass mods, has a patch available for Valkyrja Estate. (If using RW2 and the Patch for RW2, load the landscape fixes for grass mods patch after the RW2 patch.)

Known Issues:
There is now a patch for Realistic Water two (under Misc files), provided by TechAngel185. According to Techangel185 and Sparrow, this patch should only be needed until the next update of Realistic Water Two. So thank you very much to TechAngel185

Master Bed Update:
These are soft requirements and only necessary if you want the sleep animations to play.
Recommend: Double Beds are for Spooning - if using, allow Double Beds are for Spooning to over write, if asked, Valkyrja Estate SE Rebuilt for more up to date animations.
Recommend: Go To Bed for sleeping animations to take effect - not a requirement if you do not want the sleeping animations.
Also, allow Go to Bed to over write, if asked, Valkyrja Estate SE, to get the most up to date animations.
Double Beds are for Spooning - DAR, recommended.

Spanish translation by Edwardstronghold

First – If I missed any author in my credit list please notify me so I can correct the list or if you wish, remove your asset from my mod.

I want to give special thanks to Sunjeong for her work on the Valkyrja Armor. She is amazing.
Also to bchick3 for doing the UUNP version of the bodyslide files.

jpitner -For creating Valkyrja Estate and handing this mod to me in the first place. Thank you brother.
Stoaty6666 - Original idea of Valkyrja Estate and continued help and encouragement.
Bodyslide files for the Valkyrja armors by Sunjeong
UUNP Bodyslide files for Valkyrja Armor by bchick3
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente
SkyrimLazz - Continued help whenever I need it.
Asatru Background 2 - painsplayground
Viking Shields - ZawArt
Nordic Shield - HolaBlackDavy
Valkyrja Armor Mesh - ChronoTrigger77 Remodeled Armor
DarkFox127 - Amazing tutorials, textures, and meshes
Apachii for ApachiiSkyHair
Blary - OpenBook and BookSet Resources
RefurbMadness - Cherry and Mahogany Alchemy Tables and Cherry and Mahogany Enchanting Dragon Table
Garnet/flintone - Wicker Furniture textures and meshes
Zerofrost - Nigtingale base textures
Tamira/Stroti - Some great meshes and textures, just search for Stroti or Tamira.
Tueffel - Modular Crafting Table resource
MrDanSG1 - Modder Display Compendium - Custom Displays for the Collectible Items found in Skyrim
Berticus0001 - Great meshes and textures and some awesome tutorials.
Insanity - Carpet mesh, wall charts, towels, The Stamford - Viking Sword mesh and who knows what else (this person provides so many resources)
Oaristys and Tony67 - Modder's Resource Pack
Runspect - Meshes and textures from Resources for modders
icecreamassassin - Meshes and textures from Project Havok(TrueStatic display model resource)
jokerresources - glass panel
dizietemblesssma - Player and NPC undressing example scripts
giamel for the Master Bed mesh update to include sleeping animations, for Double Beds are for Spooning.

I had a great team of testers, who all deserve a kudos

Tools Used:
Creation Kit
NifSkope 2.0
Gimp - GNU Image Manipulation
nif Optimizer
Cathedral Asset Optimizer
BSA Browser

No assets from this mod may be used in a paid application.
Do not upload this mod to any other website.
Before using any resources found in this mod, please see credits and get permission. Ask me first.

My Other Mods

This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, or any of their affiliates.