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Adds a network of immersive, lore-friendly perimeter defenses to the town of Dawnstar.

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Dawnstar Defended v0.94

Have you ever been bothered by the fact that Dawnstar has no external defenses whatsoever, yet is a hold capital?

Are you not really looking to make Dawnstar into a metropolis, but still keen on giving it some believable defenses?

Well, then Dawnstar Defended is the mod for you.


What this mod does

Dawnstar Defended adds a small network of surrounding palisade walls and towers which integrate with the natural barriers of Dawnstar, but does not modify the core of the town. A long wall now faces the main road into the town, guarded by a main and auxiliary gate and several towers. Remnants of the centuries-old Imperial sea defenses (now simply two crumbling towers and remains of a wall) have been propped up with wooden barriers by the town watch, a pale echo of more prosperous times. Other major chokepoints into the town were also fortified with a smattering of palisades and towers where needed, while a large watchtower adorns the high ridge with a great vantage point along the western approach to the town. The local garrison has also been bolstered with a small number of additional sentries, who now keep a watchful eye over the town's expanded defenses.

Amongst the cold, windswept northern coast of Skyrim, Dawnstar's palisade defenses now stand to provide an added sense of security to the citizens of the Pale during these troubled times.



This mod is fully compatible with Dawnstar in vanilla Skyrim, as well as with the mod Cities of the North - Dawnstar by JPSteel2 (which I highly recommend for immersion purposes). I have not yet tested with other Dawnstar mods (such as JK's or The Great Cities), but obviously Dawnstar Defended will likely conflict with mods that affect the town's immediate periphery. Mods that changes the center of the town, or the docks area should not be affected. I will look into offering additional patches/compatibility for other mods by request.


Patch notes

v0.94 ESL-ifies the mod, so it does not count towards the number of loaded mods. If you have already used a savegame with version 0.92 or lower of Dawnstar Defended, it may break if you upgrade to v0.94. Instead kindly use v0.93 instead, as the ESL-ification is the only difference between that and 0.94.

v0.93 has been recleaned with SSEEdit and undeletes 17 navmeshes for improved stability.

v0.92 fixes some additional extraneous references. Also adjusted some land to be a little smoother near the East fell gate.

v0.91 includes a fix for some extraneous references that mess up a few doors. These were removed.

v0.9 adds the palisade walls, towers, navmeshes, guards, and other basic framework for the mod

Subsequent versions will add guard shifts, and perhaps some more details and features as time allows.



Please kindly report any bugs. Thank you.