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A nice, functionnal and vanilla-friendly Greenhouse for any wing of any manor ! With extras and displays for insects in jar

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Hearthfire Greenhouse wing

This mod will add a greenhouse in the manor/wing of your choice. I completely re-created the west wing original greenhouse to keep the vanilla feel of the manor, with some extra features.

- There is 22 dirt plots ready to use. (+4 as the original greenhouse).
- I added 5 display activators on the shelves where you can store the five insects in jar.
- 3 safe chests and 1 strongbox.
- Insects, beehives, bird nests and hanging moss will appear when you start using the dirt plots.
- Various ingredients and nicer room and furniture arrangement.

Every ingredient of the room will respawn.


The mod only add objects and doesn't add the walls. You need to have built the concerned wing
and let it unfurnished for the installation :

-The Kitchen for any EAST wing
-The Greenhouse for any WEST wing
-The Trophy Room for any NORTH wing

Just build the walls and don't furnish the room. Remove the workbench, exit the manor, and install ! For example : If you want to have a Greenhouse in the east wing of Heljarchen (or any manor), just build the kitchen, do not furnish it, and install the mod.

If you have already furnished the concerned wing, you must delete any furniture and objects by using console commands (disable or markfordelete, make a backup save before).


This mod only add objects and furniture to the room and doesn't touch anything from vanilla. It should be perfectly compatible with any other Hearthfire mod. If you have any question or doubt, just ask me!

This material is not made, guaranteed or supported by ZeniMax or its affiliates.