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Ostentatious Swordsmen animations are impractical and showy, with some cool power attacks added in the vain of a samurai.

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These animation although do not reflect Ghost of Tsushima animations, i made this pack after playing that game. Would love your opinion on the progress of my animation quality i worked hard on this pack. Note I will be planing on adding some of these animation into my SAS series as standalone for people who want certain animations. I also decided early on that i would make this animation mod compatible with vanilla style combat meaning (not optimized for SkySa), so there are some side attack animations added in.

I will note a bug in attack animations that i have not be able to figure out how to fix, this being that when you attack from side to side vanilla animation will play sometimes mixed with animations from this pack. This problem has delayed my release of this mod because it drove me crazy trying to figure out why skyrim was doing this, i finally decided to just release pack as is, maybe someone in the community will now how to fix it.