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Makes the majority of headgear (helmets, hats, hoods) invisible. They are still there, but you can't see them. Applies to both NPCs and the player. Does not make circlets invisible.

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This mod makes the vast majority of vanilla and DLC headgear in the game invisible.  NPCs and the player can still equip the game's helms, hats, cowls and hoods, and thus receive their armor and enchantment benefits, but they are invisible, so you can see the character's head and hair.

Note:  I did not extend invisibility to circlets.  They don't mess with hair or faces, so I left them visible.

Note 2:  Per request, I added a version that also lets you wear circlets with any (invisible) headgear.

Note 3:  Added a Circlets Cheat version that leaves the following headgear visible:
Imperial Helmets
Alik'r Hood
Stormcloak Helmets
Nocturnal's Hat
Penitus Oculatus
Forsworn Headdress
Vampire Hood
Morag Tong Hood

Q:  Will this make Serana's hood invisible?
A:  Yes, it should.

Q:  What about Karliah?
A:  Yes, it should.

Q:  Does it make dragon priest masks invisible?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Is this mod USSEP compatible?
A:  Yes, but USSEP is not required.

Q:  Will you make special versions that only make certain things invisible?
A:  Maybe at some point, but not today.

Spanish Translation

This mod should be compatible with any mods that alter the way headgear looks (meshes and textures), but it will likely be incompatible with mods that alter the plugin portions of a head armor item.  For example, a mod that changes the strength of an enchantment on a vanilla-enchanted helm would conflict.  Note:  This mod will have no effect on headgear that comes with 3rd party armor/clothing mods.