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SKSE Plugin to redefine how you interact with water. On top of slowing you and NPCs down, this introduces a FO4-esque Power Armour system where you will walk underwater if wearing full heavy armour

Permissions and credits
Bug Fixes SSE - Needed to fix the speedMult bug
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Just Install with MO2.
The Optional File is for if you'd prefer more realism, changing the condition from 4 pieces of heavy armour to 3.

NOT COMPATIBLE with My Wade In Water due to the same hook points and .esp file. This is NOT an update to Wade in Water, this is a standalone mod.
NOT COMPATIBLE with TDG's Wade In Water due to it doing similar things my mod does.
All water mods are compatible.
Mod-added Actors will work with this.
This mod is script-less, so no papyrus 'lag'
Should be safe to install/uninstall/update mid-playthrough. Do make sure no one is in water when you do, though.
Unintended problems stem from Frostfall and its conditional checks for kIsSwimming, this has been graciously fixed by revenant0713 in their mod here

A simple SKSE plugin that brings a little more "existence" into Skyrim's water, and also recreates a system that FO4 uses by utilizing power armour to walk underwater.

this works by applying one of 4 spells (contained in the .esp) of which have different magnitude depending on how deep you are in water. 0 is Not in water at all, 1.00 is full submerged. The small slow down begins at 0.18, about upper shin level in order to avoid waterwalking issues and ankle-keep water getting in the way. The big slow down begins at 0.43, at waist level. Swimming begins at 0.69 which is (hilariously) the minimum value needed to enter the swimming animation. Underwater walking also begins at 0.69, you can read below

There's no power armour in Skyrim, so we use Heavy Armour instead. If you're wearing a full set of heavy armour, you'll be too heavy to swim, so when you enter the swimming range, you'll "sink" to the bottom and be able to walk underwater. The 4th spell from the .esp is used here, to set speedMult. You can also attack, crouch, dodge, etc. underwater. All I'm doing is forcing kIsSwimming to be 0, so you'll be in your regular character state when submerged. NPCs don't seem to like going into the water in combat, so you'll need some mod that lets them do that. I recommend this one.
You WILL need a water-breathing enchantment, or else you'll drown. 

Ryan for CommonLib
powerofthree for being a genius, once again
Parapets for help with Creation Kit conditions

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